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    "Obsessed with Quality"

    Founded in 2015, The Leather Society is a premium bespoke handcrafted leather goods brand that also deals with leather crafting classes, corporate team bonding workshops, and private events.

    As a company, our goal is to deliver perfection. We strive to deliver only the best service for our clients in both our workshops and events. We aim to create leather goods that are of the highest quality. Leather goods are handcrafted from top-grade leathers personally hand-picked by us, coupled with high-quality hardware and stitched only with the strongest and finest threads money can buy.

  • Bespoke Leather Goods








    We custom leather goods for you to your very own specification!








  • Corporate Gifts









    Take your business to another level with customised corporate gifts!








  • On-Site Personalisation









    Impress your clients with live embossing of Corporate Gifts!








  • Corporate & Team Bonding Workshop









    Something out of the ordinary that forges bonds









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